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Creativity, knowledge and excellence. These are the main characteristics of our team.

Our professionals are
passionate about finding
effective solutions for all your
business needs. From design,
advertising, packaging, or brand
strategy, our experts are ready to
add the special sauce that will sweeten
your bland business.


"Wow! Amazing! worth every penny plus more. Cant wait for the next project"

Leo Gross
Shopify Website for Next Glow

"I cannot recommend highly enough. Amazon and Shopify Website SUPER HAPPY."

Isaac Westman
Isaac Westman

" Not only are they extremely knowledgeable about branding, but they also have an excellent design aesthetic..."

Joe Sutton

"I cannot recommend Purple Melon highly enough!"

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How we work

We developed our own methodology to guarantee the best final result for you.



The Purple Melon offers business branding and design solutions that supersede conformity. We call it the Purple Melon Perspective!  

We provide out-of-the-box, forward thinking strategies for the modern business owner.

From design, advertising, packaging, or brand strategy, our experts work with you to achieve your business goals. We begin each project with discovery, then move into stylescapes, and finally transition into developing and designing logo compositions. Each step is collaborative, inspiring, and most importantly, effective!



In this phase, we combine a collection of brand assets, such as colors, typography, photography, patterns, etc. to build a visual aesthetic of your brand.

Think of it as a visual encapsulation of your brand’s voice, tone, look, and feel.

This stage is often very exciting for clients because it is where they can really see their brand beginning to take shape.



In the design phase, we will present you with three initial concepts, contextual applications, and color palette options.

We will go over the marketing pros and cons to help you refine your options and focus on a single direction.

Style Guide

Style Guide

In this phase, we will craft a document containing guidelines for the entire identity system.

The guidelines will address brand information, background, logo, usage, color palette, primary and secondary typography use, photography style and integration, common errors, and tone recommendations.



In the messaging phase, we will develop your brand’s primary tagline, campaign headline, and subhead concepts.

Our highly-skilled team will work with you to construct a brand voice, which will later be featured in the overall brand style guide.

Project Delivery

Project Delivery

This is where we aim to supersede your expectations!

In this final phase, you will receive all the files of your brand’s visual identity project finished for printing or digital vector use.

In addition, you will receive a brand book containing the best practices of use and application for your new brand.

You are now ready to launch. From this point forward, the sky is the limit! 

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